World Cricket Championship 3 Release Updates

If you play cricket games regularly then you may definitely come across WCC 2 and will be waiting for the release of World Cricket Championship 3.

You may see on many sites that the World Cricket Championship 3 has been released.​

​But the truth is, NextWaveMultimedia is not interested in jumping to a new version.


Hmm. You will be possibly thinking that why they don't have plans to release a new version under "World Cricket Championship 3".​

And the Answer is simple:

​NextWaveMultimedia make an update to make it bug-free and add more features to it. So, they make regular updates for their game. And With regular updates, they were now increasing their game's version.

​Currently, the latest version of WCC 2 is 2.5.5 as on June 23, 2017.

So, you can see that they will be bringing new version at regular intervals. But the thing is it's just a tag of the version which makes people go crazy about it.​

They think that the World Cricket Championship 3 will have insane features. For all those my friends I just want to let you know that this game is not officially announced as this news.

But here's the which you can do to make this game one of the best cricket game. You can make a list of those things which you want in the newer version of game.

Update: In a recent update NWM did some awesome work by adding new animations and features.

This includes new player customization feature which helps you to customize your player.

Now can select from the face templates to customize your player.

But for now there's no world cricket championship 3.

But they are making updates quite often which makes it one of the best game. In a recent update they have added ·69 different batting shots and 8 different bowling actions to it.

Now you will see more diving catches, sharp throws, etc.

Sometimes your batsman may got injured for playing poor shots. This thing can cost you.

This is the best thing which I loved in the recent update. Now it has more than 40 different camera angles.

Do You Want To Be Featured Here?

If you want to be featured here along with your image then just share a short review of features you want in WCC new version.

​Your all reviews will be featured by us along with your photo and Facebook account ID. The best review will be featured on 1st position. You can send your review by commenting below.

If you can also share your thoughts by contacting us on our Facebook Page. Hit the button below to send the new features that you want in World cricket championship 3.

Being one of the most advanced cricket game we want the newer version to have female players included in it.

John Doe

EA Sports Cricket Games For PC 2017 Download

EA sports cricket game 2017 for PC is the most awaited game by thousands of cricket fans. Download this game directly from here.

This game has a lot of new features added. You’ll be amazed to see these features of this game.

The only thing which stops me from listing this game in my best cricket games for pc i.e, It is a patched game.

But I bet you it will provide you a better gaming experience then the original cricket 07.

Overview & Description

This EA Sports Cricket 2017 Game for PC is made by EA Sports and developed by us. This Game has a lot of new features. It contains all HQ textures. All the stadiums, kits and logos were updated.

Salient Features of this Game

    • Realistic gameplay which you can find in no game.
    • New kits were allotted to the teams which they use.
    • Lifelike players and stadiums.
    • Day and Night Test matches.
    • New tournaments like IPL, BBL, WC T20.

Textures Overview

This Game Contains HQ textures which you’ll never find in any version of EA Sports Cricket 2017. Now it includes HD kits, stadiums, logos, menu, overlay, faces, etc.

There will be new kits for every team whether it’s a small cricket playing nation. The logos are also updated for all the teams.

On our blog, you can find ea sports cricket game 2017. The thing which will double your happiness is HD faces of all players. Now all the players have their original names and original faces.

Stadiums Overview

This Game contains 12 Indian stadiums, 6 Australian, 2 New Zealand’s, 1 England, 1 Pakistan, 2 South African and 2 UAE stadiums which will give you a high user-friendly experience.

The conditions for all the stadiums are now available, and now you can use any state for any stadium.

New Teams In This Game

Another new thing in this game is teams. Now it has new international teams. I have listed these teams below.

    1. Afghanistan
    2. Australia.
    3. England.
    4. Ireland.
    5. India.
    6. Sri Lanka.
    7. West Indies.
    8. Pakistan.
    9. South Africa.
    10. Zimbabwe.
    11. Kenya.
    12. Namibia.
    13. Bangladesh.
    14. New Zealand.

These were the international teams which you’ll find in EA Sports cricket game 2017 for PC.

Also read: New ipl cricket game 2018

Tournaments In EA cricket 2017 Game

This Game contains all the tournament’s which you like. It includes ICC world cup 2015, ICC Champions Trophy 2017, ICC t20 cricket world cup, IPL 9, Big Bash League 16-2017, Ram Slam, BPL, Natwest T20 Blast, etc.


Its gameplay is modified, and now it’s just like real. Now it is a bit harder to hit the ball so you won’t get bored by playing this game.

Now the ball will seam, swing and spin and it’s difficult to hit the bowlers out of the park. Special bowlers like Mitchell Starc, Dale Steyn, and Trent Boult have special abilities. You’ll feel real experience by playing this game.

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Download Cricket Games 2017


Downloading Size

945.55 MB

Download From


New kIits, stadiums, overlay, roster, etc

Supporting Device

Windows 7/8/8.1/10


1 GB (Min)

Last Update

Feb 14, 2017

Short In EA Cricket 2017 Game

ea sports cricket 2017 game for pc

1. Sweep

​The shorts which bring most runs to the overseas batsman to spinners. This short can be played using Up+right button and then press S for the right-handed batsman.

2. Reverse Sweep

​The most fabulous short ever. This short is played by Mike Gatting for the first time, and he got out, and it was described as one of the most costly short of all time.

You can play this short in EA Sports Cricket 17 PC game by using up+right button and shift and then press S for the right-handed batsman. To play this short for the right-handed batsman, just press left button instead of a right button.

3. Hook and Pull

This short is played on the back foot and is the most efficient short against the short ball. To play this short in your game press up+right and shift and press W for the right-handed batsman.​

4. Cover drive and Square drive also lofted

The most beautiful short which is played on the cricket field and also one of my favorite. To play this short press left+down and press S button for the right-handed batsman. To play this short lofted or in the air just press shirt before pressing S button.​

5. Straight Drive Lofted and Down the ground

The short which needs no power but needs just a forward push. To play this shorts in your game press down and then press S button. To play lofted shots press down and shift and press S button for this cricket games for pc.

6. Paddle Sweep

To play the paddle sweep press up+right and then press the S for the right-handed batsman.

7. Backfoot Cover Drive

This is a very elegant short and played on Back foot. To play this short in your game press up+left and then press W for the right-handed batsman. To play this short for the left-handed batsman just press right arrow instead of right.​

All Overview Of EA Sports Cricket 2017 Game

ea cricket 2017 for pc

This Game consists all new stadiums, tournaments, kits, balls, logos, menu, camera, gameplay, umpires and updated roster

List Of Stadiums In EA Sports Cricket Game 2017 for PC

This Game contains new stadiums for all the teams. It contains new Indian stadiums like the Chinnaswamy, Mohali PCA Stadium, Bangalore, Rajkot, Kolkata, Hyderabad, etc.It now contains two UAE stadiums, and these were Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.The best stadiums I like, i.e., Australian stadiums.

Now it has new and updated Melbourne, Sydney, Docklands, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, etc. It now has updated stadiums for New Zealand and South Africa, and these are Wellington, Auckland, Johannesburg, Cape Town stadiums which were updated.

Type of Tournaments you can play

Now you can play friendly matches which only limits to 5,10,20,50 overs, and also you can play a test match for 4-5 Days. You can choose weather, pitch type and difficulty level in the EA Sports Cricket 2017 Game.

EA Sports Cricket games 2017

The next comes out to be is the main ICC events. You can play the ICC cricket world cup 2015, ICC t20 world cup, and the ICC Champions Trophy 2017.

After this, you’ll go to the domestic circuit where you can find the tournaments like IPL, BBL, and the CPL. It contains the IPL seasons 9, BBL 16-2017 and the new CPL with new players and schedule.

After this one, you’ll find another big tournament which is The Ashes. THE ASHES tournament is scheduled just like real one, and you won’t find any difference in real and in your EA Cricket 2017 Game download.

IPL Overview

This Game contains original IPL teams all the 8 teams. The logos and the kits of these are also updated. It gives a whole new look to this game. Now it has new IPL stadiums which I have listed above. To play, IPL follows given steps.

Run your game > click on tournaments > now click on the domestic matches > IPL > Choose fixtures.

Now you’ve done all the work just select any team and enjoy IPLin these cricket games for pc.

Players Overview

The thing which I like the most about this game is the players. Now it has a lot of new players like Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, Anglo Mathews, Joe Root, Steven Smith, Jason Roy, David Miller, Faf du Plessis, Mohammad Shahzad, Mohammad Nabi, Andre Russel, Sunil Narine, etc.

Virat Kohli the run machine will play classic and aggressive like in real. He will be consistent and bats with maturity, and he is regarded as one of the best players of the modern era. Now it comes to the mystery spinner, Sunil Narine. He is too accurate in this game, and now it is included in this game. He bowls a variety of balls like carrom, straight one, doosra, leg-spinner, googly, etc.

Now it comes to a small cricket team Afghanistan. These teams have won only 1 match against qualified teams in the ICC t20 world cup but wins the heart of millions of fans across the globe. One of its player Mohammad Shahzad makes an enormous success in the T20 and ODI format. He can destroy every bowling line up of any country. He is also included in this game.

EA Sports Cricket 2017

This game has many new functions which you have never seen in any version of cricket games. We have a great craze for cricket, and we don’t let it down. There is a whole new gameplay or many other new things. To download EA Sports Cricket 2017 game, you must have some following requirements. Theirs’s no need for a password now as I removed it.​

When our users play this game, they will be jubilant. Download and install this cricket games for PC today and enjoy.

We have released a patch named "EA Sports Cricket 2018" Which you can download for free.

Steps To Install EA Sports Cricket 2017 PC Game

Download the game from below link.
Download EA Cricket 17

  1. Open the .rar file using WinRAR or 7zip.
  2. Extract it wherever you want.
  3. After this, open the setup.
  4. Install this game as a regular play.
  5. Now download a small file called overlay pack from below link

Download Overlay Pack

Now After downloading this overlay pack extract it. Copy all the files in the overlay pack folder and paste it into your game’s root folder.

EA Sports Cricket 2017 download

Yes, you have done all the things and now enjoy EA Sports Cricket games for PC.
Before downloading this game, please like us on Facebook to get regular updates.

Note for Windows 8/8.1/10 users

If you want to use EA Sports Cricket 2017 game for pc on your windows 8 or above then just follow some simple steps from below. I can say this is going to be the one of best cricket games for pc.

    1. Right Click on Cricket 17.EXE and right click on it and choose Properties.
    2. Now click on the compatibility tab from that menu.
    3. Click on the button “Change Settings For All Users”.
    4. Follow the steps given below in the images.
ea cricket 2017 for pc
ea sports cricket 2017 compatibility


    • Better Graphics
    • New Teams
    • IPL, BBL, PSL
    • ICC Tournaments


  • Same Commentary like its previous versions

VIVO IPL Cricket Game 2019 Download [Official]

There's one thing which cricketing fans from all over the world waits.

And it is vivo ipl. This time the fun and joy will be doubled with official ipl cricket games 2018 and close matches.

Last time there's no official cricket game.

But this time we have so many games to choose from.

I want to crystal clear one thing i.e, it’s a multi-platformed game which is available for your Android & PC.

Its PC game has two versions in which you can play this game online from below. But you can also download this from below links provided.

Below you can see this flash game which you can play online on your PC for free without ads. You can download this ipl game for PC for free. You can also download this game for your Andriod device in apk format or can play online.

Play Now

Game Description

Vivo ipl is one of the best cricket league which is held in India. In this tournament players from all nations take part in it. And it is considered one of the best league. All over the world people looks to download IPL Cricket games 2018.

This vivo ipl 2018 game is very simple but gives good gaming experience. You can’t get bored while playing this game.

System Requirements For Android

Download IPL Game 2017 Details
Download Size 99.2 MB
Download From
Features Multi-Platform
Supporting Devices Windows 7+, Android 4.0+
RAM 1 GB(Min)
Last Update May 18, 2017

The Android versions of these vivo ipl cricket game (2018) is really good. And most of them have official licensed players.

Let's get started:

ipl cricket games download

RCB Epic Cricket: This Cricket game is released by Nazara games. And I can tell you, this is one the game which I have listed in my best cricket games list.

But there's one problem:

It has official players for RCB team only. This means only RCBs teams has correctly named players.

The players from other teams do not have their correct names. But it will not ruin much gaming experience.

But you can read full review and can download ipl cricket game 2018 from below.

PC Users

To play it on your PC you have to install a patch which we have released recently. After installing the patch, you can enjoy the best experience in High Quality.

If you are a regular user of my blog, then you may know how to install the patches we provide.But if you don’t then, don’t worry we’ll help you to do so.

But if you don’t then, don’t worry we’ll help you to do so.​

To have this vivo ipl cricket game just download and install this patch. Below we have listed features of this patch.

Features – New Kits, Logos, Menu

    1. It has new kits assigned correctly to the teams.
    2. All the players have their real names.
    3. All players have their real faces & they use real bats.
    4. New channel menu pack.
    5. Now there will more diving catches.
    6. High-Quality Logos and kits.

Like previous year, this time there will be a patch. You can download vivo ipl 2018 patch for cricket 07.

The HD Studioz team is currently working on this patch. But we promise when they finished working we will be first to post here.

Unlike, Android version you will see original player names with original teams.

Not only this it will have High-quality stadiums, etc.

But for now stay tuned!


The game which you download will be entirely different from the game which you play online here. The downloaded game will be of HQ. As the game has been released yet we have posted the game. And you can grab ipl game for pc from below.

The button leads you to a page where you can read all its features in-depth.

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  • lpl 2018 pc game download

RCB Epic Cricket: Official IPL 2018 Game For Android

The 11 Season of IPL will be starting on 7th april. And the cricket gaming fans are eagerly waiting for the release of official ipl 2018 game.

And their wait is over:

Because the Nazara Games has released new cricket game "RCB Epic Cricket". It's an official game for RCB. So, only their team have licensed players.

Which means other teams still have unlicensed players. So, their names will be incorrect.

But for RCB team all the players have their original names. Not only this it will show their original carrier stats too!

I Just want to say one thing about this Vivo ipl 2018 game i.e, it will give the perfect gaming experience you want.

The few things which I like about this game:

RBC Epic Cricket - Features

As this is purely ipl based cricket game. So, it doesn't feature any other tournament.

But the best thing:

You can play as multiplayer with your friends.

But it's other features likes nice gameplay, Animations, Graphics makes it one of the best cricket game for android.

High Quality Graphics & Animations

You can't complain about its graphics. Because for me they are really of High Quality.

They will provide you the best gaming experience with it's graphics & animations.

It's Animations are awesome!

The one which I wanted the most is also there. When a batsman comes to creese a box will appear which shows their stats.

ipl 2018 game download

This applies for the bowlers too.

Like the above image:

It's start screen animations are great. It shows start screen animations like pitch report, venue and weather.


The gameplay of this official ipl cricket game is also good.

The bowling is pretty easy. It's controls are not too dynamic. So, a rookie can easily play this first time.

While the batting purely depends on timing. The more good you time the ball, more far it will go.

It's gameplay is much more like big bash cricket by Big Ant Studios.

Final Words

Now it's your turn to rock with your friends.

To be honest, after writing this I started playing it for almost 1.5 hours without break.

So, lastly I can only one thing:

Download this ipl 2018 cricket game it as fast as you can 🙂

Big Bash Cricket 2017 – 18 Game Download

Big Bash cricket or BBL Cricket Game 2017 - 18 edition is the official cricket game for Android and iOS.

This BBL Cricket game is developed by Big Ant Studios the developer of Don Bradman Cricket gaming series.

The Aussie fans will be glad to know that this game was an HQ game and have BBL women’s as well as men’s team.

So, now girls can also enjoy this sports by playing with their favorite player. This is also the first cricket game which includes women’s teams.

This cricket game features licensed teams and players like its previous version. But there are some new features added to this cricket game. And in this post I will cover all of them.

So, lets start!

New Features

Big Bash Cricket 2017 game have some new features to double your fun. Below I have listed some of them.

  • Super Bat Mode
  • Super Bowl
  • Daily Challenge Mode

The Super Bat mode allows you to smash the bowl for huge sixes. It will trigger when you hit the bowl for three boundaries.

Like Super Bat the super bowl option will also trigger when you bowl 3 dot balls or not allowing the batsman to hit you. You can easily take wickets when super bowl option is on. But sometimes batsman manages to hit the bowl. You should try to vary your length.


This BBL Cricket game have improved in areas like gameplay, AI, etc. In the previous version of this BBL cricket Game you can't change the bowlers side while bowling. But in this version Big Ant Studios also improved this area.

Now you can also choose which bowler will bowl the over and whom will bat the next while batting. These are are missing previous year but now they have added these features too.

Take a look at Women’s BBL gameplay.

Take a look at Women’s BBL gameplay.

Read More About it:

Big Bash Cricket Review


Big Bash Cricket may not have many features like World Cricket Championship 2 but it has much more enjoyable gameplay and it's officially licensed players and teams makes it a must have cricket game.


  • check
    Officially Licensed
  • check
  • check
    Challenging Game Modes
  • check
    AD - Free


  • check
    Poor player likeness
  • check
    No Commentary

You can download this Big Bash Cricket Game by clicking on the icon.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game For PC Download

If you are waiting to download EA Sports Cricket 2018 PC game then your wait is over. You can download this incredible cricket games 2018 for free.

Disclaimer: We have permission from EA Sports to provide mods/patches for EA Cricket 07. But we don't provide it's core component EA Cricket 07 in our patches.

After a huge response from our users for EA Sports cricket 2017. We decided to create a new patch for cricket 07.

ea sports cricket 2018

EA Sports Cricket 2018 PC Game Download

We have named this Patches Game as MSD Cricket 18. But I want to clear one thing, i.e, the previous game is also patched game on cricket 07. And this will be also an patched version. And this is going to be the best cricket games for pc.

But the things are different in this version. You can find ICC Champions Trophy 2017, IPL 10, BBL, Ashes, etc. with latest players and teams in this version of EA Sports Cricket 2018 Game.

Below you can see a screenshot from the game.

EA Sports cricket 2018

And to complete this mega cricket 07 patch we have started our work. And we will promise to provide you extraordinary features in this patch.

Below are some new things which we are going to add in this EA Sports Cricket 2018 Games for pc.

  • check
    Rivalry Series
  • check
    All International Tournaments
  • check
    The Ashes 2017-18
  • check
    Different Stadiums For IPL, BBL, International Tournaments
  • check
    Different Umpires

The EA Sports Cricket 2018 game comes with three different packages. All the three packages contain new tournaments and players which makes it one of the best pc cricket game.

The reason that I don't list it my best cricket games for pc list i.e, It's a patched version of EA sports cricket 07.

The first package contains International tournaments and other fixtures. The second package contains the tours and third package consists the scenarios.

Below I have explained all about the EA Sports cricket 2018 game packages.

EA Sports Cricket 2018 International Package 1

The first international package of EA Sports Cricket 2018 contains many tournaments. I have mentioned them below.

  • 1
    ICC Champions Trophy 2017
  • 2
    VIVO IPL 2017
  • 3
    PSL 2017
  • 4
    KFC BBL 2017
  • 5
    All Stars 20-20 Series
  • 6
    Asia Cup 2016

With Addition of tournaments like this will double your cricket gaming fun. But please follow the steps which we have mentioned here. If you don't follow them you will face errors while playing EA sports cricket 2018. Below We have added all the tournaments.

Icc champions trophy 2017

ea sports cricket 2018

If you want to play the latest ICC CT2017 tournament in EA Cricket 2018. Then you should first click on Game Modes and then you will see an option as "International Tournaments" Click on that.

After that Select ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and select your favourite team.

Note: Please select the fixtures as 2003 otherwise the game will crash.

You can use any of these if one doesn't work.

Installation Video


If you want to have error free installation of this game. Then follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: In order to play this cricket games for pc you must have EA Cricket 2007 in your PC.

1. Firstly Download the game from the link provided.

2. Extract the setup and install them. (You need WinRAR to extract them)

3. After installation copy the files from //C:Program files/HD Studioz/.

(In your case your files can be located in Program Files (x86) folder also.

4. After you have done the above step. Create a new folder as "EA Sports Cricket 2018". (You can name it whatever you want)

5. In that folder create two new folders as "Version 1" and "Version 2".

6. Copy the files of EA Sports Cricket 2007 in "Version 1" And "Version 2" folder.

6. Copy "MS Dhoni Cricket 18 INTERNATIONAL CRICKET" in version 1 folde and copy "MS Dhoni Cricket 18 Tours and Series Package" in version 2 folder.

7. Now you have successfully installed your game enjoy!

Download World Cricket Championship 2 For PC [Update]

If you are a cricket gaming fan, then you will be eagerly waiting for this post on download world cricket championship 2 for PC.

This is one of the most popular question among cricket gaming fans. Because of the features that World Cricket championship 2 ​have.

In this post I'll cover two ways which you can use to download World Cricket Championship 2 for PC.​

Also Read: World Cricket Championship 2 Review​

​Being most advanced android cricket game WCC 2 is one of the best alternative for Don Bradman Cricket 17.

​You will be glad to know that if you are using Windows 8 or above then you can download and play world cricket championship 2 on pc without any android emulator.

But if you are​ using the version of Windows released before windows 8 then you can't play this game directly.

So, let's start by following some simple steps.

Official Game Windows 8+

If you are using windows 8 or higher version of window then you can download World Cricket Championship 2 PC version directly from the Official website of Microsoft.

WCC 2 For Windows 7

If you want to play World Cricket Championship 2 on PC when you are using the Windows 7 or its lower versions.

Then follow the simple steps I've mentioned below.

  • Firstly download and Install Bluestack app player for your PC.
  • After downloading Bluestack, Now Install it.
  • When you have successfully installed the Bluestack App Player, now run it.
  • Sign in using your Google Account. (Create a new if you don't have one before)
  • After sign in, Search for World Cricket Championship 2 and install like you did on your Android Phone.
  • Once you've Installed WCC 2. You'll see it under "My apps" Tab.
  • Click on the Game Icon and run it.

​Now you'll able to play WCC2 for your PC.

Game Tips: Choose controls as "Classic" Because it'll pretty difficult to play shots using Pro controls on PC. Because the game is on designed for windows 7 PC.

If you experienced any issue while playing or download world cricket championship 2 for PC. Then please let us know by your valuable comments.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 Game Free Download

Are you looking to download EA Sports Cricket 2007.

Then, you are at right place!

Here we provide you with all necessary details about this fabulous cricket game which ruled over 10 years. 

This is one of my favorite cricket game. When I download ea cricket 07, I just become addicted to this game. I play this game all the day.

EA Sports Cricket 2007 is one of the most popular cricket game ever created. On November 2006 the game had its initial release. Many people download ea cricket 07. After that the rest becomes history. For about 10 years this game was the king until Don bradman cricket 17 comes into the market.

ea sports cricket 2007

It’s developed by HB Studios and was published by EA Studios for PC, PS2. This game has new features which make it best cricket game for PC.

It has new game modes in which you can play exhibition matches, one-day matches & 4-5 day cricket matches.

These variety of game modes makes it a must have game.​

Tournaments In EA Cricket 07

EA Sports Cricket 2007 has many tournaments which include Australian Big Bash, Pura Cup & Australian domestic series. In the English County, it has Natwest T20 Cup, County, etc.

This game was released when cricket world cup 2007 was ongoing. So, it also features Cricket world cup 2007 and other ICC tournaments.

You can also choose the tour section of EA sports cricket 2007 where you can choose your favorite team and can take long or short tours around the world.

From below you can read more detailed information in the ea cricket 2007.

Features of EA Sports Cricket 2007

At the time of its release, EA Cricket 07 was the most advanced cricket game. They made solid improvements in areas like batting, bowling, cameras, etc.

Not only this the made improvements in camera angles to provide a realistic gaming experience.

​Few Search Related Terms [Recently Used[

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New Stadiums

EA Sports Cricket 07 have one of the most beautiful stadiums at that time. They include more than 25 stadiums in this cricket game with most of them have day/night feature.

​Most of the stadiums in ea cricket 07 are old. And you can replace them by using stadium patch. This patch can give your stadiums a fresh look.

Player Creation

This feature add some taste of EA Cricket 07 by letting users to create there own players.

What can users edit with player creation tool?

Users can easily edit the abilities of their created players. They can edit their batting, bowling & fielding abilities.

This player creation tool works in depth which let you to change everything from player profile too.

You can change the nationality of players, D.O.B, Accessories, face, etc. But you can't change the statistics of players. For this you need to download Player editor.

The Ashes 

Cricket 07 is loaded with a section for Ashes cricket only where players can play Ashes 2005 scenarios, 2005 npower Ashes series, 2006-07 3 Mobile Ashes Series. Those scenarios will remind you of the great series between them.

You can choose your team as Australia or England. The best thing about this is that, it have licensed players.

​The best thing is that. all the fixtures are real. And you can play those matches as they have played in past.

Why EA Stop Producing Cricket Games After Cricket 07?

​This question is in the minds of every cricket gaming fan that why they have stopped making cricket games.

The EA Sports has stopped producing cricket games after the release of their most popular cricket game “EA Sports Cricket 2007.” which was a huge improvement over its previous versions.

The main reason behind is the lack of global demand for cricket games. So, they focus on more demanding games like FIFA and discontinue producing the cricket games after 2007.

Most of people who have downloaded cricket 07 haven't purchased it. They have downloaded it from other 3rd party sites. But you don't need to worry about that. Because we have released new EA Sports Cricket 2018 patch which you can also download.

Please watch the video below to have successful installation of this game.

Download Cricket 07 Details
Downloading Size 820 MB
Download From ecricketgames
Features New Tournaments, Players, etc.
Supporting Devices Microsoft Windows, PS2
RAM 256 MB
CPU Pentium III @ 1 GHz Processor

So, download ea sports cricket 2007 today and enjoy it. If you face any problem while installing this game, you can directly contact us or just can leave a comment below.

Cricket Defend The Wicket [Online Game]

Cricket Defend the Wicket is an online cricket game which you can play for free from here. This game is developed by Miniclip and is free for use.

This is one of my favorite online cricket game which I play daily. If you start playing this game then you can’t yourself.

This cricket game is a pretty simple game. But I bet you won’t get bored by playing this game. You will be addicted to this game when you start playing. It has simple controls, but these simple controls make you addicted to this game.

Instructions for Cricket Defend The WICKET

I don’t think anyone needs instructions for this game. But I’ll provide you those. Now if you want to play shots in cricket defend the wicket you just need to your mouse to play shots.

If you missed your ball, you got out either bowled or by the yellow-black zone below your batsman. You can also get out while playing shots when your ball hit the yellow-black zone which is located up.

Your scores are calculated with the help of your strike rate and boundaries scored. The formula is simple, and I have written it below.

Runs Scored x Strike Rate = Your Score

I will show you this by an example. Suppose you hit six on the first ball but got out on te second ball. Then you strike rate will be 3 and your score is 18. Like this when you hit a four your strike rate will be half of your runs scored.

6 x 3 = 18        4 x 2 = 8        2 x 1 = 2

Below I have created a small table which provides short information about this game.

Cricket Defend The Wicket Info Details
File Type SWF
Distributed by
Features Ad free game, Simple Controls
Supporting Devices Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Req Flash Player
Last Update Jun 21, 2017

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IPL Game 2017: Real Cricket™ Premier League APK

You may call it as IPL 2017 game or Real Cricket 17 but who cares. The Cricket fans will be highly awaiting for this game, and Nautilus Mobile has released it. Real Cricket has released these type of games so many times, And this time it’s on IPL festival. I call it as a festival because its celebrated and awaited as a festival.

Real Cricket premier league

Real Cricket™ Premier League is a complete ipl cricket game provided to us by Nautilus Moblie. It’s a High-Quality game with some unique features in it. Read some of its features from below.

Features Of Real Cricket™ Premier League

Auction Mode: It has a new Auction mode where you can manage your players. You can add the players to your squad by paying. But use your funds with caution because you have limited number of funds to build your team. The players are categorized into various pools such as Batsmen, Bowling, etc. You’ll find that first polls have the best players.

Real Cricket premier league auction mode

Note: If you run out of cash during the bidding of players. You can get cash by watching an unskippable video ad.

Teams & Players: This IPL Cricket game is unlicensed for IPL teams you will see that the teams don’t have their original names. Like Mumbai Indians have their name as Mumbai Legends.

Real Cricket premier league teams

But the good thing is that the players will have their original names. So, it will provide you a better experience.

Gameplay: Its gameplay is much more like Real Cricket 16. But its gameplay is doing well in their previous versions. If you a master of RC16 then you can easily play this game. Its gameplay is based on it previous version.

New Game Changer: It’s a feature which you might not find any cricket game. Now with this feature, you can download Batting, Bowling action and change them which you like.

New Equipment: Suppose you are playing poorly and you don’t know what to do or where to bowl. Then you can use new bats or shoes which will improve your performance.

Last Words: We can’t say that it’s a huge improvement to its predessor RC16. But has enough new graphics to satisfy users.

  Review Status

  Overall Ratings 4.5/5:

  Product Name: Real Cricket™ Premier League
  Product Publisher: Nautilus Mobile Inc
  Product Description: Real Cricket™ Premier League is a game made on ongoing VIVO IPL 2017.
  Product Developer: Nautilus Mobile Inc
  Product Requirements: Android 4.0+
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