Hello everyone, today in this post I am going to list 6 best ipl cricket games for android and pc. And I am sure you are also waiting for this list also as ipl 2019 is approaching close. SO, without wasting any time. Let’s start our list of 6 best ipl cricket games.

RCB EPIC Cricket

This is the official cricket game for ipl 2018 and it has variety of features. The feature which I like the most in this game is it’s batting statics showing feature. It features HD players and with it’s HQ gameplay this is a must have game for you mobile phone.

World Cricket Championship 2

I think every cricket fan knows this cricket game. This is not one of official ipl cricket games but there are certain features in this game which will keep you playing this game.

Not only ipl but you can also play a variety of tournaments in this game. Like, Champions trophy, world cup, etc.

Battle Of Chepauk 2

Now this is the 2nd official cricket game on this list for ipl 2018. This ipl cricket game was developed for CSK fans. Like RCB Epic Cricket it has official players names and other stuff for CSK only. But this game is also developed by NextWaveMultimedia the gaming studio which developed World Cricket Championship 2. So, this game will provide you fun for sure.

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship

This cricket game is based on the life of one of the greatest batsman in the history of the cricket, commonly referred as the god of cricket and he one and only Sachin Tendulkar.

It’s earlier version was not as good as this version. And I can say it’s newer version is really good.

EA Sports cricket 2019

This version of this ipl cricket game is developed by ecricketgames and it is patched on EA Sports Cricket 2007 to give you a whole lifelike look to your pc gaming experience. EA Sports cricket 2019 is going to the best cricket game of 2019 for sure. Because will have latest cricket kits, tournaments and more importantly ICC Cricket world cup 2019 game in it.

Razer Naga Hex V2 Review

If you are about to buy a mouse then think again.

Before making investment just read all about the thing first and then make any investment. And in this article I have done Razer Naga Hex V2 Review.

This gaming mouse has been featured all over the internet for their features. Like it was featured in the MicroNinja Best Gaming mouse in 2018 list. And so on.

So, without wasting any time.

Lets gets started!

The mouse feels almost identical to the Razer Naga epic chroma. The only thing that feels different is on the left side of the mouse.

Where Razer remove the 12 button grid and they replaced it with a circular 7 button pattern with a textured rubber thumb rest in the center. I am used to the traditional Naga 12 button layout.

I figured this lay I wouldn’t take much getting used to. But I was wrong my thumb always wanted to hover over the button number 4 which is probably out of habit having used the Naga since the original one released many years ago. Like I mentioned previously the body is almost identical to the newer style of Naga Razer.

However since the hex 2 has an open spot for the thumb to rest. I feel like I have more control of the mouse when playing first-person shooter games with the Naga epic chroma. I would hit buttons when moving my mouse around to help negate that.

I would tighten my grip on the mouse which resulted in the feeling of having less control. The 7 buttons on the Sadr mechanical and the clicker spot sounds great and feel responsive. And thankfully they added the tilting scroll wheel.

I love them because mice have these it gives you extra function where your fingers are already going to be the only thing. I do not like about the design is that I feel like I have to overextend my thumb to press the button number one while reviewing Razer Naga Hex V2.

Alright so how is this mouse with games:

Well since this is supposed to be a MOBA mouse. I figure the first game that I would play would be heroes of the storm.

This is the main MOBA saw game that I play. I used to play League of Legends but I got bored with it ever after a while.

I just find this game it took me a while to get used to the button layout. My thumb kept wanting to reach for button number four instead of number one. But I think that it’s just muscle memory due to the fact that I’m used to using the twelve button version of the nugget.

Final Words

At this reasonable price the Razer Naga Hex V2 looks good to me every fields. But it will take while for you to become heptual to its design.

R4 SDHC Install Guide: Step By Step

The R4 Revolution was a popular brand of linker cartridge used to run homebrew software on the Nintendo DS. We say “was”, because the original R4 is no longer in production. A series of other companies have taken the R4 design and produced knockoff clones.

Many of these clones are sold with packaging that closely resembles that of the original, authentic R4. Many users have reported huge problems with the R4 SDHC clones, and that is why we no longer advise that people buy these cards in our R4 review.

Just about every single new R4 card being sold since 2008 is a clone card, but you can also tell if you have one by looking on the front of the package it came in. If the box has the SD HC logo anywhere, it is a clone.

The original R4 cards never supported the micro SD HC (high-capacity) format. If you have purchased an R4 clone and you can’t get it to work, the following install guide may be helpful.

Problem: Nintendo DS Stuck on Black Loading Screen

The biggest problem that people face with the R4 SDCH clones is that the DS fails to load to the R4 menu on bootup. Instead, users are stuck on a black screen that says “Loading”. Here is how to get your R4 SDCH clone card to work

Step 1: Download the appropriate firmware for your card. Do NOT download the official firmware from Your card is not an official card and that firmware will not work. There are lots of different clone cards out there, so you need to find out which one you have by looking at the front of the box.

There should be a little white text box near the bottom of the front of the box with a web address that is also the unofficial name of your particular clone (see picture below). Once you have a good idea of what card you’ve got, got to the following website and download the newest firmware for your card: Linfox Domain

Step 2: Format your micro SD card properly. You have to format your micro SD card, and this can be tricky on windows machines. The best bet is to download the Panasonic Micro SD format utility located here. Put your card in the USB attachment and fully format it.

Step 3: Put the appropriate files on your card. Extract the .rar file you downloaded with your clone card firmware. Inside you should find several folders as well as moonshell.nds file. Copy all of these to the ROOT of your Micro SD card. You can also create a new folder called “games” and copy over any game files you may have.

Step 4: Try the micro SD in the R4 clone card and see if it works. Hopefully if you found the right firmware, it should get past the black loading screen. If it doesn’t work, you can try other firmwares for the same card, or double-check to find out which clone card you have.

Photo of an R4 SDCH clone card. Notice the SD HC logo and alternative website address on the front of the packaging.

On top of all the problems that are firmware related, some people have reported problems with the build quality of the R4 SDCH cards. For example, many people have found that inserting a thin piece of cardboard above the Micro SD card to push the pins down onto the connectors inside the unit sometimes works. If you are absolutely certain that you have the correct firmware for your card, this is something to try.

We wish you luck getting your R4 SDHC card to work. Just a word of advice however. We ordered an R4 clone card and we were unable to get ours to function, even using all of the pointers contained here. We recommend that people steer clear of these cards, and go for something more user friendly like the Cyclo DS.